Playlist #1

2017 Program

Return to Berratham (2015) 1st excerpt – 5 dancers / 2nd excerpt – 7 dancers
The Nights (2013) 1st excerpt – solo / 2nd excerpt – duet / 3rd excerpt – duet
And then, one thousand years of peace (2010) Excerpt – duet
Spectral Evidence (2013) 1st excerpt – duet / 2nd excerpt – duet / 3rd excerpt – solo
Le Parc (1994) Excerpt – duet
Paysage après la bataille (1997) Excerpt – 5 dancers
La Stravaganza (1997) Excerpt – duet
Snow White (2008) Excerpt – duet
Romeo and Juliet (1996) 1st excerpt – duet / 2nd excerpt – duet
Choreography Angelin Preljocaj
Assistant to the artistic direction Youri Aharon Van den Bosch
Choreologist Dany Lévêque
Production Ballet Preljocaj
"Playlist #1, program of excerpts from the repertory, expresses the entire breadth of Angelin Preljocaj’s choreographic vocabulary, his predilection for written texts, his taste for the introspection of human beings and the value of symbols. It is an extra pure concentrate of virtuoso dance that plunges us into a state of grace or ecstatic contemplation. It is haute couture, made-to-measure to fit the skin and the flesh of the dancers who give life to his inspiration. This programme testifies to a journey through his work and through time."
Marie Godfrin-Guidicelli