In order to go out and meet all kinds of audiences, Ballet Preljocaj takes dancers to unusual places.

Created in 1998, the G.U.I.D. (literally “urban group of danced intervention”) tours the cities of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, bringing dance to unexpected places while presenting pieces from Angelin Preljocaj’s repertoire.

The G.U.I.D. shows inhabit the public space: train stations, market squares or school yards become stages for everyone to discover contemporary dance. The group also frequently performs for private events and follows the Ballet Preljocaj from time to time, on French tours or even abroad.

All dancers have been specifically picked for this project. They are used to the choreographer’s methods and know how to show his works in the best light while staying close to the audience. The select pieces from Preljocaj’s repertoire reveal his taste for high quality writing, his rigour, the sheer inventiveness of his shows and his desire to bring dance before all audiences. After each performance, the dancers always take some time to answer questions, so don’t miss it!

2023 Program


Duration 30 minutes


À nos héros (1986)
Paysage après la bataille (1997)
Personne n’épouse les méduses (1999)
What I call oblivion  (2012)
Swan Lake (2020)
Mythologies (2022)

Choreography  —  Angelin Preljocaj

Head of artistic projects  —  Guillaume Siard

Choreologist  —  Dany Lévêque

Program of excerpts reassembled by — Aurélien Charrier, Baptiste Coissieu, Paolo Franco, Dany Lévêque, Youri Aharon Van den Bosch

Rehearsal assistants  —  Déborah Casamatta, Guillaume Siard

Dancers  —  Déborah Casamatta, Solène Hérault, Alice Comelli, Ángela Alcántara Miranda, Alfredo Gottardi, Baptiste Martinez, Bastien Gash, Romain Renaud

And with the participation of the dancers of Ballet Preljocaj Junior
— Emma Cámara Villalba, César López Castillo, Marianne Colas, Catarina Gonçalves, Paul David Gonto, Eva Gregoire, Louis Lamoureux, Max Pelillo, Alary Ravin, Romain Renaud, Mariana Vieira, Émilie Wiesner

Production  —  Ballet Preljocaj

Support — Fondation Crédit Agricole Alpes-Provence


Photographies Jean-Claude Carbonne