Paysage après la bataille

1997 Creation

Piece for 13 dancers
Choreography Angelin Preljocaj
Music Goran Vejvoda, Adrien Chalgard
Lighting Jacques Chatelet
Costumes Adrien Chalgard
Costume makers Sylvie Meyniel, Sabine Richaud, Catherine San Nicolas
Dancers José-Maria Alves, Jean-Vincent Boudic, Julie Bour, Claire Burnet, Emilio Calcagno, Bérengère Chasseray, Nadine Comminges, Célina Chaulvin, Sébastien Durand, Claudia De Smet, Craig Dawson, Friedrich Gehrig, Vinciane Gombrowicz, Sylvain Groud, Soleil Koster, Aurélie Lobin, Stéphane Loras, Nicolas Maye, Karine Mommessin, Loïc Noisette, Barbara Sarreau, Emmanuel Soulhat, Gilles Verièpe
Production Danse à Aix, Ballet Preljocaj
Duration 75min
First part premiered on 7 December 1996 at Théâtre des Salins-Scène nationale (Martigues)
Full creation premiered on 21 July 1997, Festival d'Avignon, Cour d'honneur du Palais des papes

"This Landscape after the Battle is supposed to be the result of imaginary jousts led by two contrasting characters in the art world, representing opposite sides of the creative approach: one, Joseph Conrad, is a writer, the other, Marcel Duchamp, is an artist.

The first exalts the darkest impulses of the human being, making Heart of Darkness a cult book if such a thing exists, an ode to instinct and to the brutality which smoulders deep within each of us.

The second, in the course of his reflection on art, has especially with the ready-made, totally changed our perception of the plastic arts and left indelible traces on the artistic production of our century.

Is this then an underground confrontation between an intellectual approach to creation, which will generate conceptual art and an instinctive vision of art? The body, naturally possessing these two trends, becomes the stake, the mediator and the arbiter of this match where instinct and intelligence box in the same category for once."

Angelin Preljocaj

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