A danced duel between two men under the protective gaze of a DJ.

Where will their flamboyant virility take them? And how far will they go in their confrontational complicity?
Jean-Charles Gil is an international danseur étoile, a renowned choreographer and pedagogue, and the founder of the Ballet d’Europe.

Within the context of
18 September 2022 at 5pm
Théâtre - Pavillon Noir
50 mn
From 01/09/2022

Distribution / Credits

Creation 2015
Piece for 2 dancers and 1 DJ
Choreography Jean-Charles Gil
Dancers Ludovick Le Floc'h et Fabio Dolce
Lighting Yvan Labasse
Musician Spiky The Machinist
Production Entrepeaux, Ballet d’Europe
Photography Julien Hug