Created for the 159th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, La Ciudad de los Otros mixes songs and dances from the two shores of Colombia to an intrepid and exhilarating rhythm. A way of connecting people, of making the city a place of peaceful and poetic coexistence.  Rafael Palacios and his company Sankofa draw on the past to conjure the present, and celebrate living together!

With the support of Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique
5 April 2024 at 8pm
6 April 2024 at 7pm
Theatre - Pavillon Noir
From 10€ to 25€

Distribution / Credits

Creation 2010
Piece for 12 dancers
Artistic direction and choreography Rafael Palacios
In collaboration with dancers Yndira Perea, Camilo Perlaza, Vanesa Mosquera, Diego de los Ríos, Piter Angulo Moreno, Liliana Hurtado, Armando Viveros, Raitzza Castañeda, Estayler Osorio, Andrés Mosquera, Maryeris Mosquera, María Elena Murillo
Lighting and set design Álvaro Tobón
Costumes Rafael Palacios
Music Gregg Anderson Hudson, Jose Luna Coha, Feliciano Blandón Sala
Photograpgy DR