Le Spectre de la rose

1993 Creation

Piece for 6 dancers
Choreography Angelin Preljocaj
Music Carl-Maria Von Veber
Performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin
Conduced by Herbert Von Karajan
Sound creation Marc Khanne
Scenography Dominique Gay
Scenery and costumes making Les ateliers de l'Opéra de Paris-Palais Garnier
Lighting Jacques Chatelet
Choreologist Dany Lévêque
Dancers Nataly Aveillan, Philippe Combes, Nadine Comminges, Sarah Ludi, Roger Nilsson, Angelin Preljocaj / Franck Chartier
Commissioned by L'Opéra de Paris-Palais Garnier
Created at Théâtre de la Passerelle-Gap
Coproduction Opéra de Paris-Palais Garnier, TNDI Châteauvallon-Toulon
Subsidised by Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication-direction de la Musique et de la Danse (Fonds de promotion chorégraphique) et de la Fondation Paribas
Duration 20min
Premiered on 05 April 1993, Opéra de Paris

"On April 19, 1911, in the Palais Garnier Theatre in Monte-Carlo, Nijinsky left his public utterly astounded at the World Premiere of Le Spectre de la rose.
Since this performance, there have been numerous other interpretations and there is not one ballet lover who doesn't have his or her absolute all-time favorite version...
...In my opinion, Le Spectre de la rose is a type of gate, a door into another time period, a fourth dimension enabling me to communicate with this highly important moment in the history of dance."

Angelin Preljocaj

Aroud the creation