Création 2024

Piece for 19 dancers
Choreography Angelin Preljocaj
Light design Éric Soyer
Costumes Elenora Peronetti
Video Nicolas Clauss
Scenography Adrien Chalgard
Dancers Lucile Boulay, Elliot Bussinet, Araceli Caro Regalon, Leonardo Cremaschi, Lucia Deville, Isabel García López, Mar Gómez Ballester, Paul-David Gonto, Béatrice La Fata, Tommaso Marchignoli, Théa Martin, Víctor Martínez Cáliz, Ygraine Miller-Zahnke, Max Pelillo, Agathe Peluso, Romain Renaud, Mireia Reyes Valenciano, Redi Shtylla, Micol Taiana
Assistant, Deputy to the Artistic Direction Youri Aharon Van den Bosch
Rehearsal assistant Cécile Médour
Choreologist Dany Lévêque
Production Ballet Preljocaj
Coproduction La Villette - Paris, Chaillot - Théâtre National de la danse, Festival Montpellier Danse 2024, Grand Théâtre de Provence, Vichy Culture-Opéra de Vichy
Premiered Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May 2024 at Grand Théâtre de Provence in Aix-en-Provence
Crédit photo Photo before creation © Jean-Claude Carbonne

« I’ve wanted to work on a requiem for a really long time. And there are always events in life that get you to go for it, to take on this or that project. It was the right moment.
In every requiem, whether it’s that of Verdi, Mozart, Ligeti or Fauré, there are always really special moments, specific to each composer, which add something very distinctive. That’s why I’d like to work from several different requiems and perhaps add in a musical creation. With this piece, I’d like to evoke the complex feelings we have when we lose a loved one. It’s not always sad and devasting, there are almost moments of joy, when we recall wonderful memories we have of the person, which regenerate you, reinvigorate you. There’s also the idea of life itself, the miracle that is life, something extraordinary given to us. Sometimes we feel even more alive in these states of mind.
It was all these emotions, these nuances, this mosaic of feelings that flow through us that I wanted to develop in this project. »

Angelin Preljocaj - Interview extracts (May 2023)