The Rite of spring

2001 Creation

Piece for 12 dancers
Choreography Angelin Preljocaj
Music Igor Stravinsky, Le Sacre du printemps
Performed by Chicago Orchestra
Conducted by Daniel Barenboïm
Set Design Thierry Leproust
Lighting Marion Hewlett
Costumes Éric Bergère
Dancers Isabelle Arnaud, Nataly Aveillan, Emilio Calcagno, Emma Gustafsson, Hervé Chaussard, Nadine Comminges (L’Élue), Craig Dawson, Sergio Diaz Gomez, Sylvain Groud, Aurélie Lobin, Tommy Pascal, Stéphanie Pons
Coproduction Berlin Staatsoper, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, Arsenal, Metz, Auditorium, Dijon, Théâtre de Remscheid, Allemagne, Théâtre de Reggio Emilia, Italie, NEFA, USA Avec le soutien du National Dance Project de la New England Foundation for the Arts, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Additional funding provided by the Andrew W.Mellon Foundation, Philip Morris Companies Inc., Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, et le British Council Durée 40 min
Duration 40min
Premiered on 06 May 2001, Berlin Staatsoper (Germany)

"Upon first hearing Helikopter Quartet’ by Karlheinz Stockhausen, the idea of creating a choreography to this music did not cross my mind at all since this work seemed to erode, at each turn of the helix, the actual foundations of a relationship between music and dance.

It is, in fact, for this reason that, on a second hearing, the jubilatory desire to confront the intertwining helix turbines and the glissandi of the Arditti Quatuor irrepressibly emerged.

The challenge of this creation is to expose six dancers to the wild, techno-organic rhythms of this piece by Stockhausen."

Angelin Preljocaj

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