Second Body is a blend of Asian spirituality and futuristic technology where all distinctions between performing arts and the virtual world are but a thing of the past.

The Anarchy Dance Theatre’s representations are shaped to redefine performance arts, as well as the spaces where they unfold.

In codirection with
19 January 2023 at 7pm
20 January 2023 at 8pm
Théâtre - Pavillon Noir
From 10€ to 23€
45 mn

Distribution / Credits

Creation 2015
Piece Solo
Concept and choreography Chieh-hua Hsieh
Software development and visual design Ultra Combos
Sound design Yannick Dauby, Ultra Combos
Lighting design We Do Group
Custom design Yu-teh Yang
Dancer Ting-ting Chao
Stage manager Chun-yen Huang
Assistant stage manager Tzu-hsien Wu, Hsin-ting Chen
Dramaturgy River Lin
Tour management Shu-han Yang
Project mentor and consultant Justine Beaujouan, Kevin Cunningham
Production Anarchy Dance Theatre
Commissioned by Quanta Arts Foundation / QAring
Supported by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
Photography Ching-Ju Cheng