A new wind is blowing through the Ballet de l'Opéra Grand Avignon, directed by Emilio Calcagno since 2021.  The proof, his piece Storm, inspired by mythological stories around storms; written for fourteen dancers carried  away in a vast whirlwind of carressing or eruptive movements. A tempestuous choreography under the compulsive assault of industrial fans.

6 May 2024 at 8pm
7 May 2024 at 8pm
Theatre - Pavillon Noir
From 10€ to 25€

Distribution / Credits

Creation 2021
Piece for 14 dancers
Choreography Emilio Calcagno
Original musical creation Mathieu Rosso et Denis Guivarch
Sets and lights Hugo Oudin
Costumes Atelier de l'Opéra Grand Avignon
Wigs Sandrine Degioanni
Dance Director Emilio Calcagno
Ballet Mistress Brigitte Prato
Ballet stage manager Michel Soro
Female dancers Lucie-Mei Chuzel, Béryl De Saint Sauveur, Aurélie Garros, Anastasia Korabov-Botalla, Ebony Murray, Veronica Piccolo, Marion Moreul
Male dancers Arnaud Bajolle, Sylvain Bouvier, Joffray Gonzalez, Khébizi, Ari Soto, Allan Gereaud, Kyril Matantsau
Photography Studio Delestrade / Avignon