In Prélude, Romain Dubois’ music meets the physicality of the dancers. The score, a rhythmic and melodic crescendo, maintains the audience at such a high intensity that they very quickly get caught up in this raw energy. They are as much a part of the journey as the dancers, participating in the final release and liberation. An « an all-round » piece conceived as an ode to hip-hop.

27 July 2023 at 8pm
Parc Jourdan
Free Admission
35 minutes

Distribution / Credits

Performance for 9 interpreters
Choreography Kader Attou
Interpretation Antuf « Jkay » Hassani, Azdine Bouncer, Alexis de Saint Jean, Damien Bourletsis, Simon Hernandez, Jade Janisset, Yann Miettaux, Nabjibe Said and Margaux Senechault
Music Romain Dubois
Lights Cécile Giovansili-Vissière
Production Compagnie Accrorap
Coproduction Scènes et Cinés, Scène conventionnée d’intérêt nationale-Art en Territoire
Photography Agnès Mellon / Simon Hernandez