Struck by Henryk Mikolaj Górecki's Symphony No. 3, also known as the Sorrowful Songs, Kader Attou has chosen soprano Dawn Upshaw and the London Sinfonietta’s renowned version, and restored Górecki's desire to, above all, pay tribute to motherhood.  In a world perpetually out of balance, this symphony resonates like a struggle, a languid  march. A universal and humanist piece.

27 July 2023 at 10pm
Parc Jourdan
From 10€ to 20€
10 years old

Distribution / Credits

Performance for 10 interpreters
Choreography Kader Attou
Music Henryk Mikolaj Górecki Symphony No. 3 for soprano and orchestra, Op. 36, Éditions Chester and Éditions Mario Bois-Paris
Lights Françoise Michel
Costume Nadia Genez
Interpretation Aïda Boudrigua, Amine Boussa, Capucine Goust, Erwan Godard, Salem Mouhajir, Ioulia Plotnikova, Sébastien Vela Lopez, Nicolas Majou, Vaishali Trivedi and Majid Yahyaoui
Creation Festival Montpellier Danse 2010
Production Centre Chorégraphique National de la Rochelle, Kader Attou Cie Accrorap
Coproduction Festival Montpellier Danse 2010, La Coursive Scène nationale de la Rochelle, Chaillot, Théâtre Jean-Vilar de Vitry sur Seine, Grand Théâtre, Scène conventionnée pour la Danse Ville de Lorient
With the support of Conseil Général du Val de Marne
Photography J-C. Couty / Joa Garcia