Crowned world salsa champion several times over, the Colombian company Salsa Viva has performed its vibrant shows all over the world! This new show celebrates the shared cultural history and strong connection between the continents Africa and the Americas, cradles of Latin music.  Combining salsa, mambo, pachanga and cha cha cha, an extravagant and colourful show sure to get the audience dancing. 

29 July 2023 at 10pm
Parc Jourdan
From 10€ to 20€
Duration estimated

Distribution / Credits

Production Vivo Entretenimiento
Artistic Direction Edwin Chica Caro
Direction artistique Hermes Danilo Carabali
Choreographer Hermes Danilo Carabali and Nilson Castro
Dance troupe Compagnie de Salsa Viva y Tango Vivo Dance Company
Singer Malen Panichelli
Design ang lighting Francisco Naranjo
Sound Engineer Junior Arce
Costume designer Lina Maria Valencia
Costume coordination Martha Castro
Communication Tatiana Guette Charry
Photography DR